Venus TriBella (Photofacial, Tightening & Resurfacing)
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Venus TriBella (Photofacial, Tightening & Resurfacing)


TriBella from Venus Versa combines the power of three unique procedures into one complete skin renewal treatment—resulting in incredibly smoother, younger, healthier-looking skin. This high-intensity non-invasive solution gives highly visible results faster, in fewer treatments.

The three unique procedures are: 

  • Photofacial treatment
  • Anti-aging treatment
  • Skin resurfacing treatment


Photofacial treatment – uses precise bursts of intense pulsed light to improve the appearance of uneven skin tone and sun damage. The light targets and reduces the hemoglobin pigment inside visible blood vessels and dark pigmented spots. The result is glowing, younger-looking skin.
Anti-ageing treatment – uses a comfortable combination of energy types to produce heat beneath the skin, helping to promote healthy blood flow and increase the production of collagen and elastic fibres. The result is skin that looks tighter and younger, and with fewer lines or wrinkles.
Skin resurfacing – improves skin texture by delivering energy deep into the skin, using tiny electrode pins to create micro-dermal wounds with minimal impact on the epidermis, as the skin heals, it naturally boosts collagen and elastin production for total skin renewal.







TriBella FAQs

Can I do it on my lunch break?

Because they combine three treatments in one, TriBella sessions last longer than their component parts and the downtime can last 3-5 days.

What does the treatment feel like? 

Different procedures feel differently. The photofacial treatment may feel like a light snap against your skin. The anti-aging treatment will be warm, and most clients consider it very comfortable. However, the skin resurfacing treatment comes after the skin has already been stimulated, and is thus more sensitive, meaning this treatment may be less comfortable than the other two; you may feel a pricking sense of heat as the applicator moves around on your skin.

If I had a treatment on my face, could I put makeup on straight after?

Avoid applying anything to the face straight away ensure to apply sun protection from the following day.

Treatment Summary

Procedure time
60-90 minutes
Back to work
Skin will be red for 24 hours post-treatment (or up to 5 days for more aggressive treatments)
Full recovery
2-7 days
Sensitivity period
24-48 hours
Visible results
10-14 days
Duration of results
Long term
Risks and complications
Your skin may feel warm, like sunburn, and can remain red from a few hours to a few days.
Recommended number of treatments
3-4 treatments


Results varies as each client responds differently to the treatment and the skincare products we recommend for use at home.

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