Viviscal Professional: The Leading Hair Growth Program
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Viviscal Professional: The Leading Hair Growth Program

At Fabelle Aesthetics we understand that you have a desire for how you’d like to look. We make it our goal to make your youth flourish, making you stand out as beautiful in any crowd in the process. We do this through the use of professionally tested treatments and procedures that improve the skin, body, hair and your wellness.

An example of one of these treatments is that of Viviscal Professional, a clinically proven hair growth programme that promotes growth from within. The supplement in this programme is formed with the proprietary marine protein complex AminoMar C plus biotin and apple extract, shampoo and conditioning products are also available.

The effect is apparent in four stages, initially your hair follicles are nourished through consistent intake of AminoMar C and the other nutrients in each tablet. Thin and wispy hair is strengthened through continuous nourishment. Breakage and thinning continue to decline, encouraging normal hair growth leaving hair noticeably stronger, healthier looking and more vibrant.

Whether you’re looking to improve hair quality or reduce the signs of thinning hair, you’ll find the supplements and products that suit you with Fabelle Aesthetics. If you have any questions regarding any of what we sell, get in touch with our team of clinical professionals. Either call us on: 01252 960222. Alternatively, if you have a particular question you’d like answered, fill out the provided contact form available online.

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