Hair Treatments For Thinning Hair Part 1
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Hair Treatments For Thinning Hair Part 1

Discover your options when faced with thinning hair

Hair loss can be a devastating effect. Whether it’s due to ageing, stress or other unforeseen circumstances, hair loss can be a contribution to negative feelings and low self-esteem. To improve the look of your hair and enjoy thicker, luscious locks, you have a number of options to consider.

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be exploring the different options that are available to those who are facing thinning hair. To get us started, let’s talk about Growth Factor Mesotherapy and Viviscal Professional.

Viviscal Professional– An ideal solution for those who would like to try an alternative to needles, Viviscal Professional hair supplements aim to nourish hair and provide follicles with essential vitamins to help healthy hair grow. Thanks to its key ingredient, Amino Mar C, results should start to show in as little as three months and its results is backed by numerous clinical trials and over 25 years of research.

Growth Factor Mesotherapy- By using micro needles to infuse the scalp with vitamins, growth factors and nutrients, AQ Advanced Hair Complex and Calecim Professional are growth factor serums designed to target thinning hair. These fantastic growth factors can help to restore the health of hair follicles by nourishing them with a formulation that is present in healthy young follicles

Next week we’ll look into Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) and how its on the rise more than ever before.

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